Welcome to the personal home page of the Charline Barger (formerly Charline Burga) and James Barger (a.k.a. Jamie Barger).

UPDATE: We have moved to Pensacola, Florida, and Charline and I have separated, so much of the information below is outdated.

We moved to Philadelphia in 2007, to the beautiful neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, in northwest Philly. And, we love this place! Our kids love it too.

Jamie attended law school at Temple University Beasley School of Law while working as a programmer and helping Charline raise the kids.

Jamie still roots for the Florida Gators and the Jacksonville Jaguars during football season. But, now he also supports the Temple Owls and the Philadelphia Eagles. (Thankfully, the Philadelphia and Florida teams never play against each other. That would be a problem.)

Charline has got pretty involved in the community while in Philadelphia, raising money for a local maternity center, joining a local "moms' club," participating in a babysitting co-op, working on a toy sharing co-op, and just generally meeting people and making a lot of great friends and finding plenty of activities for our two wonderful children, Jude and Ruby.

Charline and Jamie
That's us, Charline and Jamie, a few years ago. Jamie has short hair now, so no more ponytail.
Jude sledding in Chestnut Hill
Ruby dancing in her car seat
Jude's bee trap
Contact Us
You can write to us, through our e-mail contact form. The e-mail goes to both Jamie and Charline at the same time. If you want to call us in Philadelphia, just look us up. Our number is always listed in the phone book. Or, you can call us through Google Voice...
another Barger website If you'd like your own website, or some new features added to your existing site, please visit Jamie's personal website to find links to some of his work. You can use the contact link to get in touch, if you have questions.

P.S. You can see the old version of our home page also.

We have a lot of web pages, spread all over this Internet thing. So, here are some links to stuff we've put on-line...

  • United States Swim Academy
    Swimming school in Coral Springs, FL. Charline maintains the school's blog, facebook profile, and twitter feed.
  • Rebate Report Card
    by Jamie. A little website Jamie built, which lets people vent about problems with mail-in rebates. You can compare stores or manufacturers and see how good they are at paying what they owe.
  • Germantown Avenue Parents
    by Charline, et al. A site for moms and dads in northwest Philadelphia to find out about the local playgrounds, clubs, parks, support groups, stores, services, and more -- for themselves and their children.
  • Delaware Valley Lawyer
    by Jamie. Helping people in the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia, Wilmington, Camden, etc.) to find information about law, lawyers and law firms. The site has something for lawyers, law students, and those who are trying to find a lawyer.
  • www.JamesBarger.com
    by Jamie. Jamie's official, personal home page. Includes a resume and links to many of Jamie's websites -- both those he created and those he simply likes.
  • Our Flickr Photos
    by Charline and Jamie. Some of our many photos of family and whatnot. Not updated too often lately, because we've maxed out the photo limit on the free Flickr account.
  • Philadelphia Web Guru
    by Jamie. Describing the full range of web development services Jamie provides, including website development & design, implementation of Drupal and Joomla sites, creation of law firm websites, custom programming, and more.
  • Project Motherhood
    by Charline. A blog about -- you guessed it -- motherhood. Charline occassionally posts some little amusing anecdote or simple words of "wisdom" here.
  • Jamie's Blog
    by Jamie. A blog about nothing in particular. Really only appealing to Jamie and Charline's relatives, because it's mostly just notes about cute things the kids have done lately.
  • Charline Barger's home page
    by Jamie. A simple little page with a list of Charline's other websites.