Welcome to the personal home page of the Charline Barger (formerly Charline Burga) and James Barger (a.k.a. Jamie Barger).

UPDATE: We have moved to Pensacola, Florida, and Charline and I have separated, so much of the information below is outdated.

We moved to Philadelphia in 2007, to the beautiful neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, in northwest Philly. And, we love this place! Our kids love it too.

Jamie attended law school at Temple University Beasley School of Law while working as a programmer and helping Charline raise the kids.

Jamie still roots for the Florida Gators and the Jacksonville Jaguars during football season. But, now he also supports the Temple Owls and the Philadelphia Eagles. (Thankfully, the Philadelphia and Florida teams never play against each other. That would be a problem.)

Charline has got pretty involved in the community while in Philadelphia, raising money for a local maternity center, joining a local "moms' club," participating in a babysitting co-op, working on a toy sharing co-op, and just generally meeting people and making a lot of great friends and finding plenty of activities for our two wonderful children, Jude and Ruby.

Charline and Jamie
That's us, Charline and Jamie, a few years ago. Jamie has short hair now, so no more ponytail.
Jude sledding in Chestnut Hill